Friday 3 June 7:00pm

21-22 The Centre, Margate


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“Leaving aside perhaps Crass or The Beach Boys, few bands can claim to sound like their namesakes. Unschooling, a freshly formed four-piece linking Rouen & Montréal, tick this box with style.

Students of art-rockers Women, these home-schooled egg-heads have thrown out the textbooks and put a deceptively mathematical brand of rock on the curriculum, where complex guitar lines flirt with lo-fi spontaneity.

Made up of ex-members of MNNQNS and other Rouennaise outfits, the four dunces have built their own Open University on the pillars of post-punk. The result is as noisy as it is sensitive. They’d still end up in the Dean’s office if it wasn’t for a few shards of Pop propping up their grades from time to time though.”

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